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Wall Sculpture Tangular. Features: Measures: 54 x 9 x 32 inches. Ground steel. Unique sculpture.
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An artist sketches the branches of a tree. A craftsman transforms the drawing into a unique metal sculpture. Adesign-savvy consumer spots the piece, admiring it for its gallery-like style and buying it based on its ungallerylike price. This is the beauty of Artisan House. For over 45 years, we've created and crafted an extraordinary collection of affordable metal wall art and sculpture for home and hospitality settings, both inside and out. All our pieces from the figurative to the abstract begin with an artist's vision and end with art lovers who prize them and frequently collect them. Indeed, some of our pieces have fetched 10 times their value at online auctions, while others have appeared in the pages of leading magazines like Architectural Digest and Elle Décor. Our craftsmen create these pieces from rich metals including copper, bronze steel, aluminium and chrome, and hand-finish them with unique textures, paints and patinas. And because each one is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike.
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Manufacturer Artisan House
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